Methane activation via integrated Membrane Reactors – project results

The results of our MEMERE project show novel membranes and catalysts reduce greenhouse gas emissions in chemical industry

The production of ethylene (C2H4) is one of the largest carbon dioxide (CO2) emitting industries in Europe. We have worked with EU-funded researchers to develop a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly process that produces higher yields than current technologies allow.

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Interview with The Interreg Baltic Sea Region project CAROTS

We have been interviewed by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region project CAROTS as one of their intermediary service providers. CAROTS is all about establishing a new type of private or public-private company: Commercial Analytical Research Organisations (CAROs). CAROs act as intermediary service providers between scientists as well as research facilities and industry. They bridge the world of science and industry helping enterprises to benefit from the knowledge and the potential of scientists and research facilities. As intermediaries they facilitate access of companies to advanced research infrastructures like particle accelerators or x-ray lasers and to scientific expertise needed to solve analytical tasks in areas like New Materials, NanoTech or Life Sciences and thus significantly expedite innovation. We look forward to working with CAROTS on this exciting project.

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