We offer the following services. Get in touch via the quote form below for more information and to arrange lab testing. Understanding product chemistry by applying multiple instrumental analytical approaches including;

Materials Characterisation

Information about material properties include interface sharpness, depth distribution of a particular element, morphology, crystal structure and component identfication.

Compositional analysis and materials identification

To determine the components of an unknown, confirm the identity of a suspect material or identify difference between similar materials.

Failure analysis

To investigate fractures, corrosion, discoloration, wear, adhesion/bonding and stress-related issues.

Trace Elemental analysis

Determination of the chemical purity of materials to identify and eliminate contamination in advanced materials, typically categorized as mass fractions from 1 – 100 pm.

Metallurgical analysis

Analytical investigations of fractures, fatigue, corrosion, oxidation, embrittlement, plating, welding, brazing and soldering problems in metallic and metal containing products.

Surface analysis

Understanding the composition, cleanliness, contaminant levels and roughness of surfaces to investigate issues with adhesion, corrosion and surface chemistry.

Polymer chemistry

Plastic and polymeric material testing for physical and mechanical properties, thermal properties and chemical composition analysis.