Join us in the Faraday Institution FUSE2022 summer internship programme in batteries

Join us for an undergraduate summer internship with Faraday in the Chemical Imaging of Batteries.

Studying a STEM degree? Wondering what career to pursue? Interested in finding out more about the battery sector? Keen to spend time with a dynamic community of pioneering battery researchers seeking to find solutions to support a fully electric future?

We are offering an 8 week internship for undergraduate students to work on our battery related project – Chemical Imaging of Batteries.

In order to aid the transition to renewable energy and electrified transportation, it is vital for batteries to be able to provide higher energy densities, greater durability and increased lifetimes. To achieve these aims, researchers are focusing on an understanding of the physical and chemical mechanisms at play, applying advanced characterization techniques to help drive our understanding. Finden are developing novel chemical tomography characterization and data analysis techniques to enable the physicochemical structure of Li ion batteries to be studied. The internal chemistry can be directly observed inside intact batteries under operating conditions, providing unique insights into performance and degradation.

We are working with the Faraday Institutions Next Generation Cathode Materials Project, FutureCat at the University of Sheffield to understand how and why the novel cathode materials being developed there are better able to withstand prolonged cycling than current commercial materials.

We are seeking a highly motivated student to work with us in applying and benchmarking our novel methods (e.g. chemical segmentation algorithms, machine learning networks) to identifying and fitting experimental X-ray diffraction experimental data acquired on commercial Li ion batteries, and to apply these to the study of FutureCat’s novel cathode materials.

Supervisor: Dr Stephen Price
University: University of Sheffield & Finden Ltd
Location: Remote
Start date: The internship is a full-time role for 8 weeks [Flexible 1 June – 30 September 2022].

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