New paper on the stability of Na-Mn-W/SiO2 catalyst for the OCM has now been accepted at the Faraday Discussions!

A new paper by our former PhD student Dorota Matras and partners from MEMERE project has been accepted in the Faraday Discussions.

In this study, we investigate the effect of thermal treatment/calcination on the stability and activity of a Na-Mn-W/SiO2 catalyst for the oxidative coupling of methane reaction. The catalyst performance and characterisation measurements suggest that the W species are directly involved in the catalyst active site responsible for CH4 conversion. Under operating conditions, the active components, present in the form of Na-W-O-Mn molten state, are highly mobile and volatile. By varying the parameters of the calcination protocol, it was shown that these molten components can be partially stabilised, resulting in a catalyst with lower activity (due to loss of surface area) but higher stability even for long duration OCM reaction experiments.

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