Royal Society 2023 Analytical Science Horizon Sir George Stokes Prize

Royal Society Horizon Prize image


We are thrilled to receive this Sir George Stokes Prize prize for the development and application of X-ray diffraction computed tomography to image and identify structure-activity relationships within functional materials and devices. Thank you so much to Royal Society of Chemistry and all our collaborators. The prize recognised the work Finden has done in advancements of X-ray diffraction computed tomography (XRD-CT) and related chemical imaging methods like pair distribution function computed tomography (PDF-CT) or multimodal-CT through collaborations with academic and industrial partners.

Professor Andrew Beale said on winning, “We hope that eventually, these techniques will move from particle accelerators into the laboratory, and ultimately into the medical field. There, they have the potential to bring about improvements in the health sector, as well as the performance of materials.”

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