Team Up for Transfer – KFS Transfer Workshop

Team up for Transfer photo

Our Director Simon Jacques discussed how to increase the societal benefit of synchrotron radiation sources at the KFS Transfer Workshop with over forty attendees in Berlin.

Discussions at the workshop focussed on synchrotron achievements, challenges and ideas for future improvements with three sessions on, “Synchrotron Access for Industrial Research”, “Synchrotron/Industry hardware co-developments” and “Synchrotron/Industry methodological co-developments”.

The workshop brought together synchrotron radiation sources, academics and spin-offs as intermediaries to attract industrial research.

“It was great to hear that industry, large scale facilities and indeed academia recognise the pivotal role that intermediary companies like Finden have in the research landscape. This included addressing the fundamental issues of ever larger data driven by advances in instrumentation. Our involvement is a win, win, win for facilities, academia and industry. We are using spare measurement capacity, relieving the data processing and analysis burden from the facilities and adding value to industry to academia. This is leading to more efficient research, allowing accelerated innovation enabling academia and industry to more quickly address societal needs.” ~ Simon Jacques